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Two possible packages

If you want to give your athletes an extraordinary experience outside of the usual setting!

Les CampsRep are the ideal place.


Option 1

Club Program

Making a group reservation for the week(s) of your choice is possible. Your club will follow our predetermined schedule during the week.


This will ensure that you have the number of places you require in your choice's week(s).


For every ten registrations (new or old), a coach can accompany their group to the camp free of charge to monitor progress and attend free training sessions offered several times a week.


Find out more! 


Please note that registrations through a club reservation must be made via the online registration service using the reservation code you will be given. Online registrations with a group must be made by March 1.

Photo Club.jpeg

Option 2

Rental Package

We offer the club the opportunity to come and enjoy all the benefits of the CampsRep facilities with your athletes and coaching staff. 


All athletes will have access to the gymnastic and acrobatic facilities in the Chameleon as well as a place to do physical preparation or dance.


All members of your team will be provided with food and lodging and will have access to all the outdoor activities available. 


We offer a basic package that can be upgraded to an à la carte approach to meet the specific needs of each club.

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