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Camps de vacances

Welcom to
Les Camps

Summer Camps

Sports and Acrobatics!

Les CampsRep guarantee you unforgettable memories and the development of your sports & social skills.     

GymRep Gymnastics Camp Facility

The best outdoor acrobatic facilities in

North America.

Lake at summer camp GymRep, CheerRep, DanceRep, ParkourRep

A little piece

of paradise

Our facilities are located on a lake, next to a forest, guarantee that you will enjoy the great outdoors. 

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Lots of outdoor activities

Every activity at the camp is available.  

RepAcademy summer camps CampsRep

Become an

Aspiring coach

After your athletic career, you are considering coaching at CampsRep. In your last year, come spend a week at the summer camp as an athlete and two weeks as an aspiring coach. 

Please send us your resume and cover letter to apply. 


Only a few spots are available each week.

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