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Summer Camp

At Les CampsRep, we are proud to offer the best outdoor facilities for gymnastics, cheerleading, dance and parkour in Canada.


We are proud to be associated with Division Sports-Rep, the exclusive Canadian distributor of the world renowned brand GYMNOVA and has been equipping all competitions in Quebec for almost 20 years.


Thanks to its exclusive contract with Gymnastique Québec, you will find at Les CampsRep the same equipment used in the Quebec Gymnastics Federation's competition network!

The BoutiqueRep

You will find in the store clothes with the effigy of the CampsRep such as leotards, shorts, sports tops, leggings, hoody, T-shirts, as well as all the necessary equipment to train in the various sports offered at the CampsRep such as tape, gym gloves, chalk...

Open Saturday and Sunday

GymRep Camp Facility GymRep Camp

The Chameleon

Logo GymRep.jpeg

The Chameleon is our steel structure that covers all our gym equipment. It is an open-air training area of 11,000 square feet (about twice the basketball court area), 26 feet high. It has no walls!  

GymRep Gymnastics Camp is the only camp to offer a complete outdoor gym; the Chameleon boasts the most training equipment ever seen under one roof. 

The camp's acrobatic bungee cords are famous because they allow your children to try new movements more safely. We put them everywhere, on the trampolines, on the air track and above the balance beams. 

The Chameleon

Logo CheerRep.jpg

The Chameleon is the steel structure that covers all our acrobatic equipment. It is an open-air training area of 11,000 square feet (about twice the area of a basketball court), 26 feet high. It has no walls! CheerRep is the only one to offer a complete outdoor gym. The Chameleon boasts the most training equipment ever seen under one roof.


The camp's acrobatic bungee cords are famous because they allow your children to try new movements in a safer way. We put them everywhere, including the trampolines and the airtrack.

Cheerleading Camp Facility CheerRep summer Camp
Tent Parkour Camp Installation ParkourRep summer Camp

The Tent

Logo ParkourRep.jpeg

ParkourRep is the first and only 100% outdoor Parkour camp. Under our 3200 square foot tent, we have all equipment to practice Parkour. Wooden bars and modules are available in addition to all the blocks and mats.  


We are proud to offer a very safe environment without diminishing the challenges provided to the athletes. 

The Octopus

Logo SanseRep.jpeg

The octopus is 60 foot diameter tent 26 feet high and the biggest inflatable tent in Quebec. We have installed an inflatable training floor for our dance classes, the same one used in the Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas.


In addition, we were the first in North America to have a complete inflatable floor of this kind ! 

Dance Gymnastics summer Camp Facility Octopus Rep DanceRep GymRep

The Flying Trapeze

The only flying trapeze at a summer camp in the world! Everyone will have the opportunity to try it at least once as part of the week of training.*  This facility will allow your child to step out of his or her comfort zone as well as challenge themselves. 


The coaches who work on the trapeze are certified in the field and have a great passion for teaching aerobatics. They are trapeze artists themselves and follow annual training sessions to stay up to date. We select them for their ability to teach the basics of this sport while ensuring constant safety.  They will teach your child new moves while respecting each child's progression. 


Additional Option + training is available in the evenings. 


*Depending on the weather and your child's wishes. 

Our Beautiful Private Lake

CampsRep is one of the few camps in Canada to have a private lake of this size!


Only we can operate it!

There are no chalets, and no unauthorized people can access them!


This head lake is a bottom fed and is of such a size that it allows us to do many different activities while having a great facility to ensure safety!


We are very proud of the water's purity, which is why no motorized boats are allowed on this beautiful lake!


In addition, a company specialized in water analysis is hired to do all the necessary tests and meet the criteria required by the Ministry of the Environment to operate it!

La Wipe Out.png

The Wipe Out Zone

Our famous structure on the lake is 33m x 26m (108' x 85') and guarantees a lot of fun with each other!


Whether it's a race or a complete overcoming of various obstacles, the challenge remains the same; getting on board without getting wet is hard!


All participants are equipped with a Lifejacket and are supervised by a staff member with full lifeguard certification!


The Wipe Out Zone is a great activity that we have to enjoy the beautiful lake that we have at RepCamps!

The accommodation

Les CampsRep now own the Boute-en-Train outdoor base in Chertsey.


Athletes stay with their friends in dormitories or multi-bed rooms. Showers and toilets are located next to the rooms, and most rooms have a sink. Each athlete will have a place to store his or her personal belongings.   

Although we do not encourage bringing valuables to camp, a locker is available for your child; please bring your lock. 

Sentinels and supervisors are on-site to ensure security and reassure the athletes in the evenings and during the night. They are also available in the mornings to help everyone get ready for the day.  

We have several types of accommodation at the camp spread over 7 buildings where we can house over 300 people.

Chambre 4-vents.png

Le Bistro-Café

During their stay, your child will take meals in the cafeteria. They will receive three balanced meals a day from a menu approved by a dietician and conforms to the standards dictated by the Association des Camps du Québec. An afternoon snack is also offered.   

All you can eat in the cafeteria, and we can feed more than 300 people simultaneously.

To satisfy even the most selective eater, a salad bar and fruit platters are available at each meal.   

To reassure people with peanut and nut allergies, we have declared, since the foundation of the camps, that the CampsRep would be PEANUT-FREE.   

If your child has any food allergies or intolerances, please be sure to list them in their registration file and notify the management team. 

The Repstaurant

The Repstaurant is our camp BBQ. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays for parents and athletes to have dinner upon arrival or before heading home. There are several picnic tables available on-site for your convenience.   

At CampsRep, we are proud to contribute to the fundraising campaigns of various foundations such as Opération Enfants Soleil, CHU Ste-Justine and ANEB Quebec by donating the profits from the sale of Hot Dogs.


Over the years, we are pleased to have donated close to $40,000 to these foundations' youth and OBNL !


We also provide refreshments, chips and chocolates. 

Capture d’écran, le 2022-12-19 à 16.09.20.png

The Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone is where athletes can get snacks, refreshments and other nibbles between meal times.

Prices are reasonable, and of course, it's fun because it's not allowed!

This is not included in the package, but it is trendy!

You can get the following snacks here:

- Popcorn

- Cotton candy

- Slush in many flavours

- Soft drinks

- Candy

- Chocolate

- Chips

- Grilled cheese

- Paninis

- Bottled water

- Etc.

Parents allocate an average of $50 to $60 per week for shopping at the Forbidden Zone.

Each athlete is responsible for his or her allowance.


Zone Interdite.jpeg
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