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Summer Camps

CirkusRep is our latest program created for CampsRep and dedicated to acrobatics and circus arts.


Located in Chertsey, Lanaudière, on Canada's largest summer camp specializing in outdoor acrobatic training, we're the only summer camp in the world to offer an on-site 100% outdoor gymnasium, a Club-MED-style flying trapeze, a Wipe-Out zone on the lake and acrobatic elastics.


Our circus program provides 5 hours of training a day in addition to outdoor activities and is adapted to the different levels of participants. Your child spends a week with us, and we guarantee around 30 hours of training per week in a unique, purpose-built environment!


Our professional and passionate team will do everything in their power to give your child an experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives, and that's only possible at our circus camp: CirkusRep.

Logo 2 CirkusRep
Logo CirkusRep

Our program

The disciplines


Tissues, lisse rope, flying trapeze for catching, fixed trapeze and hoop.


On land

Object balancing, unicycle, rolla bola, balance ball, balance handles, juggling (balls, scarves, skittles, diabolo, hula hoop...), slack-line.



Trampo-elastic, air-floor, elastics on rails, parkour, hands-to-hands


Magic tricks



Logo des camps de vancances de cirque CirkusRep
Campeuse à la corde au camp de cirque CirkusRep


It's a fun-filled week of thrills and spills that your child will share with friends worldwide!


Every day will be different, as we have a program that starts early in the morning and runs through to evening activities such as the campfire, the "cream pie show" and the amateur show, among others!


CirkusRep is an extraordinary program that becomes a perfect option for youngsters who love summer camps and for brothers and sisters already enrolled in one of our CampsRep programs who would like to experience a week adapted to their pace and field of interest!



Taxes not included

Week 7

Arrival August 11
Departure August 17

7 days

6 nights

Remaining places:

More than 10

Quille jonglerie au camp de vacance de cirque CirkusRep
Trapèze fixe au camp de vacance de cirque cirkusrep
pyramide main-à-mains au camp de vacance de cirque CirkusRep
Moniteurs Camp CirkusRep
Photo de drône de la base de plein air CampsRep


What a great idea to hold a circus camp in such an exceptional environment as the Domaine des CampsRep.


We wish you every success with this new program!

- Claude Thibodeau -

My three children have been attending CampsRep for six years in the GymRep gymnastics program!


Knowing their rigour, the quality of their organization and facilities, the CirkusRep program quickly became a must in the Quebec circus world.

- Liliane Morissette -

It's a great idea to add a circus program to CampsRep.



All the facilities are there, and the coaching staff is one of the best in the world!


Bravo for always being on the move and developing programs adapted to our youth!

- France Lupien -

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