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Athlete outside Quebec
at summer camps

More than 25% of our participants come from outside Quebec each summer.

If this is your case, here is some information that will be useful for your stay at CampsRep.


Registration and payment

Prices, discounts and deadlines are the same as for Quebec residents.

You can start registration here. 

Payment methods may differ depending on your country of origin. Contact us for more details. 

Athletes outside of Quebec are also subject to the same registration and refund policy as other athletes. Please read the refund policy on the back of the registration form. 


For athletes outside of Quebec, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is covered by a personal insurance plan. We invite you to contact your club for more information. It is possible that your association or sports federation will cover your child for a gymnastics, cheerleading, dance or parkour camp abroad. 


Payment method

All registrations must be accompanied, within the next 10 days, by a fee of $250 per registered week.

(e.g.: if two weeks = $500)

This amount corresponds to a $125 administration fee (non-refundable) and a $125 deposit.

The total camp fee must be paid before May 1st.

Shuttle service

We offer a shuttle service for individuals and for groups of athletes. Whether you are travelling by train or plane from another part of Canada, United States, Asia or Europe we will be there at your arrival to complete the trip to camp. 

There is a charge for this service. We invite you to contact us for prices and terms and conditions. 

Shuttle service is only possible by booking the service before arriving in Montreal. We have many athletes arriving at camp, and we will need to co-ordinate the dates and times of each arrival.

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