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Our summer camp team

Meet the CampsRep team. Get to know our team of specialists who will be there for your child during their summer camp. 

First aid

First Aid Supervisor

The person responsible for first aid is always on site. She is available 24/7 for a headache in the evening or an injury during training. This person is also in charge of dispensing medication, following up on allergies with the camp coordinator, and bandaging sprains or massaging sore muscles. This person is always present to ensure the safety and well-being of the athletes.

sentinels summer camp CampsRep
Sentinel owl


Sentinels are female coaches who live in the dormitory with the athletes all week to supervise and ensure the safety of everyone. They are always available to help with hair in the morning and chase sad dreams away in the middle of the night. Sentinels ensure that bedtime is respected. They are also the alarm clock for athletes, and they ensure that everyone has time to eat at the cafeteria.

Our coaches


We have the best coaches in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance and parkour from Quebec and Canada. They all have an advanced certification from the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program). Whether your child is just starting the sport or at the national level, at CampsRep, he or she will have the chance to continue learning with us and develop their skills. Coaches train with the athletes throughout their stay at camp.! Each athlete chooses a goal to reach and together with the coaching team they work to achieve or surpass that goal during their week at camp.

To ensure that our coaches are always as well equipped as possible, we offer several theoretical and manipulation training sessions. Coaches who come with their club (Coach SE) and coaches in the aspiring program also have the chance to take part in these training courses to increase their knowledge. 

Our management team

Our team works with dedication all year round on the development, implementation and management of CampsRep. You can reach them throughout the year to answer your questions. They are also the people in charge of taking care of your children in case of specific needs. They ensure the smooth running of the camps in addition to being the primary decision makers.


Camp counselors

Athletes are also supervised by an extremely dynamic team of instructors outside of training hours who ensure their well-being and entertainment.

It's a guaranteed success!


The CampsRep counselors are tireless. They have many things in common: they are energetic, motivated and smiling. They are instructors who have a great deal of outdoor activities experience, not to mention that they know the outdoor base inside and out. You will find specialists for the camp's different activities, whether it is for archery, indoor and outdoor climbing, catapulting, mini-golf, water slides or swimming.

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