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Les CampsRep
Summer camps

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Les CampsRep guarantee you unforgettable memories in addition to developing your sports and social skills.

Campers in action CampsRep Quebec Canada


Through the years, we have become the most important specialized acrobatic camp in Canada. With our large installation and experienced staff, CampsRep is part of the worldwide summer camps class where the priority is continually learning and having fun in a secure environment.  


Each summer, we welcome athletes and coaches from all parts of the globe. No matter your child's skill or level, we are a chameleon that easily adapts to all levels. 



Our goal is to offer professional coaching in an environment where our facilities and staff are true "Chameleons". Our coaches adapt to the needs of each athlete. We are committed to supplying strong emotions in training as well as in outdoor activities. Our strategy is to provide appropriate challenges adapted to your child’s skill level and providing them with just the right challenge to send their self-esteem and confidence levels soaring. All of this in a learning context that is highly relevant to the development of athletes and focused on safety and surpassing oneself!. 


Discover our unique outdoor training facility and work with the most competent coaches in Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe. Whether you're just starting out or you are a national level athlete. You will have the chance to continue your progress with us and to perfect your skills in the company of the best trainers available.  

Don't just hear about it, come try it for yourself!

Three young girls at the GymRep summer camp


We want to provide athletes with a unique experience. With our trusted specialists, your child is in good hands to achieve their goals, in a safe and adapted place. 

We know that they also want to have fun. That's why we offer fun training with new adventures every day. 

Between training, the athletes are with our dynamic camp counselors who supervise the outdoor and evening activities. 

Laughter is always present. 

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My oldest daughter went there 2 summers in a row, and it's my other daughter who is there this week. I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements made over time. The coaching team is motivated and super competent. I even received a surprise photo of my daughter during the week, it's great! I think Mathilde will want to go back next year! 

Mylène Paquette

 - Gymnast mom, Ontario -

Thank you, Cheer-Rep, for a truly exceptional week for our daughter. She loved the camp, and her spot is already reserved for next year! As soon as we arrived at camp this morning, we already knew that she would be back next year! 

Johanne J.

- Cheerleader mom -

"Sooooo Niiiiiiiceeeeeeee"

really was amazing, and the Saturday show was magnificent. The kids had a lot of fun, and you could feel the joy of participating in their week. A big thank you again to you and the whole team and see you next year. 

Christophe Journet

- Gymnast father -

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