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Summer camps

ParkourRep is the largest parkour camp with an outdoor training site in North America. We are the only parkour camp to offer an onsite outdoor gym, flying trapeze and Wipe-Out Zone. ParkourRep Camp will give your children a week that is better than they’ve ever dreamed.


During their week with us, your children are guaranteed to receive 30 hours of training, along with outdoor activities every afternoon, and evening activities supervised by our team of amazing camp counselors.


Our professional and passionate team will do everything possible to make your children live an unforgettable experience that is only possible at our Parkour camp, ParkourRep!

Our program

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Our program focuses on acrobatics in an urban setting and maximizing training time in different environments.


During the training sessions, the athletes will go through different stations specialized in acrobatics. They will also train on obstacle courses in the forest. They will also be able to go under the Chameleon to have access to all the gymnastics equipment, including our famous acrobatic elastics to allow them to perfect new movements in complete safety and confidence.  


Athletes will also have access to the outdoor base and the Wipe-Out Zone to get them out of their comfort zone.


This program is comprehensive and allows your child to develop their acrobatic skills. As we are chameleons, we adapt to all levels of athletes so that each one can develop to the best of their abilities.


This program is composed of a morning and an afternoon workout, interspersed with a session of outdoor activities.  

Campeur au camp de Parkour ParkourRep



Taxes not included

Arrival July 14
Departure July 20

7 days

6 nights

Waiting list


Arrival July 21
Departure July 27

7 days

6 nights

Remaining places:

More than 10

Arrival July 28
Departure August 3

7 days

6 nights

Remaining places:

More than 10

Chapiteau du camp de Parkour ParkourRep


Our son attended the ParkourRep camp this summer. We were warned that he would fall asleep quickly in the car on the way home, and we were pleased. After a four-hour nap on the way home, he had a ton of stories to tell us and new stunts to show us.

Thanks and see you next summer!

- Patrick Guimond -

It is not easy to find activities to motivate our teenagers. ParkourRep took up the challenge. We even had sentences of more than three words to describe their week. Two brothers who spend all their time bickering, who are off their consoles for a whole week!

I say bravo.  

- Chantal Thibaudeau -

We are regulars at GymRep and were happy to learn that you had an option for our older daughter's little brother. ParkourRep has been very inspiring for our boy. He even knew how to do a back-flip during his passage.

A great experience. 

It's a date for next year!

- Nicolas Boucher -

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