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Frequently asked questions

  • What do you do if my child has a home sickness ?
    In case of home sickness, we will be able to make the connection with you and coordinate everything so that your child will have a great week! We have more than 27 years of experience in the field and we will know how to supervise your childand develop with you the necessary strategy to make this camp experience a great one for yourchild! If you would like to discuss this, please call us so that we can answer your questions!
  • My daughter wants to register with her friend, but they are not at the same level. Will they be able to be together?
    It's okay for your child to sign up for CampsRep even if she has less experience than her friend! We separate the groups by level and age group. In order for your child and her friend to have a greatweek with us, we will place them in a level that is appropriate for both! This way, they will have a level of training adapted to their sports experience. However, we will be able to place them in the same room and they will be able to register for the same activities in the afternoon and evening!
  • Does my child have to bring money to CampsRep ?
    Your child will receive 3 meals a day plus a snack. The Forbidden Zone is not mandatory, but is very popular! Athletes go there to buy candy, slush, popcorn, soft drinks and sometimes paninis, grilled cheese... We recommend between 50 and 60$ to enjoy it. The athletes have breakfast and then go to practice in the morning. They have lunch and outdooractivities in the afternoon (archery, water games...). They come back for a second training session and then have dinner. They have evening activities (big games, campfire...) before going to bed! Yourchild will have 5 hours of specialized activities per day in addition to the outdoor activities!
  • Are cell phones or electronic devices allowed ?
    No and we are very strict about this! If your child wants to talk to you, he/she will be directed to the HQ and we will follow up to handle the situation.
  • What is the typical schedule for one week at CampsRep in the GymRep / CheerRep / ParkourRep / DanseRep / CirkusRep sports programs?
  • What is the typical schedule for a week in the AventureRep program, our traditional CampsRep camp?
  • What time should I bring my child on Sunday ?
    Welcome is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. You can settle your child into their residence, store at our BoutiqueRep, visit our facilities and eat at our Repstaurant ($) until the briefing and presentation of the team working with your child throughout the week! This dynamic meeting takes place at 3:00 p.m. and lasts about 40 minutes! But since you're already there, why not take advantage of our family activities? The site will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for activities, and to take part in them, you'll need to buy bracelets, which we sell on-site (at the Carrefour) at the cost of $30 plus tax, and this is not included in the campers' package! Our team will supervise activities such as the Wipe-Out Zone, Water Slides, Flying Trapeze, Acrobatic Elastics, Giant Foosball, 36-hole Mini-Golf, Beach, Paddle Boards, and Canoes... So you can combine business with pleasure, as you'll already be on site to welcome your child and enjoy it with the whole family!
  • For the specialized camps in sports (Gym, Cheer, Parkour, Dance, Circus) are they appropriate for a 13 year old who doesn't have much sports experience ?
    It's okay for your 13 year old to participate in our specialized sports camps if he or she is a recreational athlete! We have approximately 200 athletes with different levels each week! We have 16 different groups separated by level and age! There will be other participants with the same profile as your child!
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy ?
    You will find the information you need to answer this question by consulting this section:
  • Until what age do you accept campers ?
    We accept campers up to 17 years old !
  • The week I want is full. How do I get on the waiting list ?
    The week is currently fully booked! You can register on the waiting list as places may become available! Use our online registration system at the following address:émarrage&param=Fille_Anglais_GR&homeurl= We will then prioritize the waiting list we have. We must receive your deposit ($125) and management fee ($125) (total of $250) to be considered for the waiting list. If we can't fit you in during the week you're on the waiting list, we'll give you a full refund!
  • Are there discounts for children in the same family ?
    We do not offer a sibling discount. However, you will receive a significant discount if you re-registeryour children the following year. This discount is only available to next summer's clients and is onlyavailable on the Saturday of your children's departure!
  • What is the name of your traditional program at CampsRep?
    Our traditional program, AventureRep, replaces Bout-en Rep, active in 2023! You'll find the same traditional activities such as archery, canoeing, hebertism, climbing, campfire, paddleboarding and the trendy big-game activities, to which we've added some of the possibilities offered by our facilities, maximizing active time outdoors by introducing your child to the flying trapeze like in the MED clubs, to the Wipe-Out zone on the lake and acrobatic elastics in the chameleon! In a fun-filled week, we'll give your child the thrills and spills he'll be sharing with friends worldwide! Every day will be different, as we have a program that starts early in the morning and runs through to evening activities such as the campfire, the "cream pie show", the amateur show and the "Chill Zone" to name a few! Your child will spend a week (6 sleeps) with us, and we guarantee a wide range of activities throughout the week in a unique, purpose-designed environment! Our professional and passionate team will do everything in their power to give your child an experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives, and that's only possible at our summer camp: AventureRep.
  • From what age do you accept campers ?
    We accept campers from 7 years old !
  • How much of a deposit is required to register for CampsRep and what is the deadline for paying the full amount ?
    The deposit is $125 + the administration fee of $125, so the amount to be paid upon registration is$250. The balance is payable before May 1.
  • What time should I pick up my child on Saturday ?
    Saturday at 10am is the training-demonstration in front of the parents. This is the perfect opportunity to see your child in action, see the progress of the week and takepictures. Then comes the closing remarks and thanks and we say "see you next year". Everything ends around noon. Please note that we have a Restaurant to eat before going home!
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