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Information for Parents

At Les CampsRep, we count on a very experienced and passionate team who understand that you are entrusting us with your most prized possessions, your children. We are very honored by this and we work hard every day to maintain your confidence it. We put everything in place so that Les CampsRep becomes a significant human and sports experience that will be remembered by your children throughout their life. 


We understand your concerns, so we are here to reassure you. We have included some more information that will be especially useful. We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them!  

Our expertise

Since 1996, GymRep Gymnastics Camp has been offering a camp experience where each participant feels at home. We have a wonderful team of professionals in the sports world, and they work with gymnasts all year round. Our team is made up of passionate and dedicated people who share the same goal. They want to provide your child with a spectacular and positive camp experience that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Our CampsRep Manager is available on site, 24/7. The entire team is dedicated to ensuring that every child feels happy and secure in all aspects of our camp.   


Join us this summer to offer your child an exceptional week at the best gymnastics camp ever! 

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They are woman coaches who ensure the athletes' safety at bedtime, during the night and when they wake up in the dormitories and bedrooms. They are always available when needed. Whether it is to help with your daughter's hairdressing, reminders for showers and teeth brushing, to chase bad dreams away in the middle of the night or to make sure curfew times are respected. They live in the same dormitory as the athletes and their goal is your child's safety and well-being.

 Summer Camp Rep Cheerleading Camps CheerRep

Individual registration

Does your child attend camp on an individual basis?

That is, without a sister, brother or friend from the club. 

We make every effort to place individual athletes together in the bedrooms, and we avoid placing them in a dormitory with a group. Our team considers First Language as well as age for the configuration of the room group. 

Parkour summer camps. Trainer in action ParkourRep. Quebec Canada

Pink Bracelet

Your child will receive a pink bracelet if she or he is 8 years old or younger. This bracelet makes it easier for us to identify our youngest athletes. This allows us to offer them a more personalized camp experience. A counsellor will be assigned to each age group to help them with the schedule, the location of key areas on the camp site and answer any questions they may have.


At bedtime, children with pink bracelets take their shower first, and they are in their room by 9:00 pm.

The official curfew time is 9:30 pm. 

Gymnast at GymRep summer camp - beam split

Arrival at the Summer Camps

The arrival time is scheduled on Sunday between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm

Please note that a presentation will be made at 3:00 pm to parents and athletes.

In the week prior to your arrival at CampsRep, you will receive an email giving you all the information you need to prepare for your child's week!


Upon arrival at CampsRep, you will be directed to the parking lot! For safety reasons, only authorized vehicles will be allowed on site! You'll be greeted in our reception building next to the parking lot. This is where your child will receive their accreditation for the week!


Athletes 8 years old and under as well as English-speaking athletes, will receive an identification bracelet. Allergy wristbands will be assigned further into the registration process.


Now it's time to settle your child into their room or dormitory.

Afterwards, you'll be directed to the tour meeting point.

We'll have a few coaches and monitors to lend a hand.

The Carrefour

This is where you can meet our first-aid officer for medical and allergy information, buy activity tickets, add the photo and Options + package, and take advantage of the Summer 2025 pre-sale!

Yes, 2025, because we already have registrations, and the offer is exciting!


It is possible to participate in certain activities offered on the site for a fee of $30 plus tax.

Elastic trampolines

Flying trapeze

Water slides

Wipe Out Zone

Paddle boards



These activities are offered from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Please note that you can eat on-site; we offer a BBQ service ($).

N.B. If your file is incomplete (balance due or missing information), you will be directed to the administrative office before going to the dormitories.

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